Who Owns the Reps in Washington DC how do they make the Money?

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Dan Stubbs, Jul 9, 2017.

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    The big question is how do they make the big bucks while in office. I know some who have left office and went to work with the same companies that lobby them in DC. This is just plain wrong in my opinion. I am not sure but did not Trump make the point he was going to stop this practice? I have noted that the Military Companies dealing with Aircraft and ships have a lot of contact for contract seen to be very cozy with certain Reps, so that could lead to graft. Yet I have followed some over the years and seen several who appeared not to fall for the under the table contacts. Just how do we stop this, its the FBI and DOJ to investigate this type of conduct, but those investigations are far and few in numbers.

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