Who Killed The Constitution? Lawyers.

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    1. Unbeknownst to most….Lawyers are, for the most part, human beings. This often-overlooked fact is the explanation for much of the damage reaped by society. While some aspects of lawyerly endeavors are based on arcane concepts such as ethics and honor, the actions of the profession seem, suspiciously, to regularly result in aggrandizement, accretion of power, and influence.

    a. But…does this mean that the benefits are only personal…and don’t also benefit humanity itself? Pretty much.

    2. “The lawyers/law firms industry encompasses a variety of law-related interests…. Contributions to federal candidates and political committees by lawyers…. the contributions significantly favor Democrats. In the 2008 election cycle, the industry contributed a massive $234 million to federal political candidates and interests….In 2011-2012 Barack Obama: $25,128,608.” Lawyers / Law Firms | OpenSecrets

    3. What is the reason? One answer is it is ideological. That may be the “official” explanation. And, based on the corrupt political indoctrination, disguised as education that most have been given, it seems to make sense. Most folks aren’t deep thinkers, especially during their formative years.

    a. “Most American elementary schools and high schools, and nearly all colleges and universities, teach everything that is significant from a liberal/left perspective. Multiculturalism has replaced E Pluribus Unum; the American past is villainous; the country is racist; morality is relative; and the left-wing cause of the day -- now global warming -- is taught as incontrovertible truth…”
    The Dennis Prager Show

    b. Either we honor the Constitution, or become a vassal of the United Nations. Where to find the ideas for the ‘global governance project’? It’s easy enough to find them on the websites of the UN, the European Union, the American Bar Association, the deans of most law schools and universities, most of the leading foundations. They aren’t talking about world governments…they are talking about global governance.
    John Fonte, "Sovereignty or Submission."

    4. Mattli and Slaughter have asserted that the “quest for power” by judges “has both personal and professional aspects.” This includes a desire for prestige and personal recognition, for advancing one’s career and institutional interests, as well as promoting one’s own ideas packaged as “the rule of law.” This tends to correspond with a view toward global governance, a loss of United States sovereignty, and a marginalizing of the United States Constitution. Anne-Marie Burley-Slaughter, Walter Mattli, « Europe Before the Court : A Political Theory of Legal Integration », International Organization, vol. 47, n°1, hiver 1993, pp 42-76

    5. Could there be networks of American lawyers who work against the interests of America for material-personal and/or philosophical-ideological reasons???

    a. During the 1990’s, American lawyers for Human Right’s Watch, and Amnesty International brought charges of serious violations of the rules of war against the US Air Force actions during the Kosovo and Yugoslavia War. The charges were brought before the UN. These American lawyers complained that the air force was too concerned about pilot safety.
    Fonte, Op.Cit.

    6. So…who speaks for the America of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution? And who doesn’t.
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