Who is behind target killing in Karachi and why still not catch the single killers?

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    Who is behind target killing in Karachi and why still not catch the single killers?

    I want to share my opinion I must say shame and careless attitude of our Governor of Sind specially Police and law enforce department since last 8 months daily basis target killing innocents which rose to 1000 dead ( up to Aug 23, 11 Source Samaa News ) If police fail to protect the common people life’s than whose responsibility to protect innocents life’s but always busy in protocol and save guard the VVIP life’s which is more important for them.

    But more interesting still our police do not know who is doing or behind all target killings very innocents and immature reply. Than what reasons they are beings getting if not competent to protect the life of all people and when a criminal activities come across than they never chase of catch the culprits red handed but always come to the picture after the culprits ran away.

    Our police most favorite jobs as follows
    1. Catch the innocent who ride bide the double safari but on other hand criminal never chase or caught ever

    2. Harsh the common people in the name of searching body and vehicle documents.

    3. Do not come across when aerial firing by any group or criminal but they act nothing happen as they are blind and deaf

    I pray to God to destroy all professional killers along its entire net work plus those who are protecting and hiding those killers and used for destroy the peace of entire Karachi city deserve one place without any further efforts which is Hell.

    Such way dogs and cats are not killed in the city of Karachi like human beings and those who are behind all killings are perhaps not caught but they can’t skip from God eyes for punishment and that time they will see what happen to them and how they can ran away or take any one help that situation.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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