Whither The Suburban Vote?

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    [Redstate and Michael Barone analyze what's going on in suburbia, now that we've gotten 40 months of Obama under our belt, had a look at his re election campaign in full flower and the most recent vetting of our Dear Leader, albeit 48 months too late, has let us all become better acquainted with the Pakalolo Kid, his antics in the Choomwagon with his head tilted backward sucking in those last draughts of bud smoke from the area near the headliner. It ain't lookin good. You just keep chasin them perves votes, Barry.]

    "Right now, somebody in the DNC’s HQ is likely sitting in a room somewhere getting morosely drunk, and it’s because of articles like Michael Barone‘s. You see, Michael sat down and looked at the various reactions to Barack Obama’s possibly ill-advised (and certainly ill-executed) Bain Capital-themed line of attack on Mitt Romney, and concluded: it’s likely to provoke a backlash among affluent voters (particularly those in suburbia). And the reason why people should care about that is because 2008 exit polling showed that voters from households making more than $100 grand a year made up a quarter of the electorate, and that they split their vote down the middle between Obama and McCain.

    And how are they voting now? Michael sees some interesting trends:

    The popular vote in House elections is a good proxy for presidential and party support, and voters with incomes over $100,000, evenly split in 2008, voted 58 to 40 percent for Republicans in 2010.

    Northern Virginia, which Obama carried 59 to 40 percent and which provided 95 percent of his statewide popular vote margin, went 52 to 47 percent for House Republicans in 2010. Nine suburban Denver counties voted 53 to 46 percent for Obama but switched in 2010 to 54 to 42 percent Republican."

    Obama’s Election 2012 dilemma: the DOOM that came from suburbia? | RedState

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