White Genocide, Covered Up?

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    April 11, 2011

    Kyle Bristow
    Author, White Apocalypse
    Solutrean Liberation Front

    Cover-up of Prehistoric Genocide of Whites to be Discussed on Radio Program
    U.S. government engaged in holocaust-denial

    Toledo, Ohio – Kyle Bristow, the author of the semi-fictional novel White Apocalypse and second-year law student at the University of Toledo College of Law will be interviewed on the New York City-based radio program The Right Perspective this Friday, April 15, 2011, from 10 to 11 p.m. EST. The show on this date will focus on the Solutrean Hypothesis, which is an evidence-supported theory that posits that Europeans immigrated to and lived in North and South America at least 17,000 years ago and were subsequently and systematically subjected to genocide at the hands of marauding Asians who crossed the Bering Straits approximately 13,000 years ago. The interview will be streamed live online at The Right Perspective.

    White Apocalypse is a controversial novel that deals with issues of race, culture, politics, philosophy, and history from an explicitly conservative, pro-European perspective. Since its publication in September of 2010, the left-wing newspaper The Village Voice said of it that its sales could very well eclipse those of the best-selling novel The Camp of the Saints by French author Jean Raspail[1]; the Toledo Blade, with a readership of 141,000, ran a lengthy article about the novel and the author that began on the front-page of the Sunday edition of the newspaper[2]; and the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center attempted to get Amazon.com to cease selling the novel through its website.[3] Four people who hold doctorates and are either current or former college professors praised the novel, as well as did a 2012 presidential candidate, a prominent radio talk show host, a documentary film producer, and a published novelist.[4] During the April 8, 2011 broadcast of The Right Perspective, host “Frank of Queens” commented, “I think the man should get a Pulitzer Prize for the book, White Apocalypse.”[5]

    The Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Learning Channel, National Geographic, and the BBC have all reported on the Solutrean Hypothesis, which, as recounted in Bristow’s novel, is evidenced by actual prehistoric skeletal remains of Europeans that have been discovered in North and South America in recent years, artifacts discovered on the east coast of the United States that are 17,000 years old and predate the subsequent Bering Strait-crossing by Asians, and folklore of so-called “Native Americans” that alleges that their ancestors committed genocide against white-skinned people in South America, Central America, and the western portion of the United States.

    Kyle Bristow said, “My interest in the Solutrean Hypothesis intensified while in law school when I found a federal court case decision that was buried in the library; the judge observed in Bonnichsen v. United States[6] that a conspiracy exists within the federal government to rewrite history by trying to derail the Solutrean Hypothesis. This cover-up constitutes nothing short of holocaust denial and a deliberate rewriting of history that can only be compared to the historical revisionism committed by communist governments throughout the twentieth century.”

    Bristow also added that the subject matter of his novel is “political-cultural-racial dynamite” and that, for this reason, “left-wing special interest groups are trying to censor my eye-opening novel.”

    The 270-page paperback version of White Apocalypse can be purchased from Amazon.com for the price of $17.58[7], Bristow sells autographed copies for $20 upon request via email, and a new Kindle version can be purchased from Amazon.com for $7.99.[8]

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    am i supposed to be surprised that before the dawn of civilization man may have acted in an uncivilized manner? or is it that someone would use ancient history to justify their racial animosity that i'm supposed to be surprised at?

    what's the point of the thread, exactly?

    (none of this is to say that i even take the theory seriously. as i understand it the hypothesis is a bit unsound)
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