Whistleblower says Canada doesn't protect people who speak out

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    She didn't need to convince me. Canada is not a nation based on liberty, Due Process, Rule of Law or individual rights. We are the antithesis of America, an enemy in many respects, as we steal your jobs and promote a biased police state form of socialism.

    'Process is torturous': Federal whistleblower says Canada doesn't protect people who speak out

    This Labour Day, former Employment Insurance fraud investigator Sylvie Therrien wishes she was still employed instead of being caught in a "bureaucratic nightmare" trying to get her job back.

    The Vancouver woman says she's been trying for five years, and it's left her financially devastated and emotionally drained.

    Therrien is just one of "hundreds of people" who have paid a high price for speaking out, while the federal government does "absolutely nothing" to safeguard them, says David Hutton, a longtime whistleblower protection advocate.

    "The process is torturous," says Therrien, referring to her experience with Canada's whistleblower protection system. "I wouldn't wish it on anybody."

    When she worked as an EI fraud investigator in 2013, Therrien says, she and about 15 other people in her department were tasked with finding ways to disqualify people from coverage to save federal dollars.

    Each investigator had to find $485,000 in annual savings by denying people EI claims, she says.

    "I was told to find a way to not give them benefits, or find loopholes so I could disqualify them. It wasn't right, and my managers didn't listen to my concerns," she says.

    She described the pressure to find people to force off assistance as being intense, describing how one supervisor wouldn't say "good morning," but rather would ask how much money Therrien had been able to save.
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