Where's the ACLU? Jessie Jackson? Al Sharpton?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Big Black Dog, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Seems like when there's a civil liberty being infringed upon, the ACLU, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are always quickly on the scene to draw attention to the situation and correct the injustice that is being committed. Haven't heard a word from any of these "Watch Dogs of Personal Freedoms" concerning the White House wanting people to send an e-mail to narc out your neighbor if he voices an opinion against the Health Care Bill that Obama is trying to ram down our throats nor I have seen anyone of these "Freedom Fighters" come to the defense of people voicing their opinions at these forums that are being held by Congressmen concerning the Health Care Bill. Wonder what the problem is? Could it be that they are not interested because it's mostly the Democrat Congress members who are receiving the lion's share of the public's ire? Could Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson not be interested because it doesn't appear to be black people who are all up in arms about the Health Care Bill? Just sort of makes me wonder... Am I wrong in my assessment of the situation or is Freedom of Speech a liberty that just doesn't mean that much to these three giants any longer? A little hypocritical in nature don't you think? What's up with their obvious absence? I'm confused. Maybe, just maybe, none of these three are interested because this appears to be a "white" issue and not a big deal to the black people of this country.

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