Where have all the good guys gone?

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    Montana's Governor Donald G. Nutter died in a plane crash in 1962.

    After reading this:

    I asked myself “Where have all the good guys gone?” The answer came easily: They are still here only the media crucifies them while portraying bad guys as good guys.

    Governor Nutter would be committed to a mental institution today for saying this:

    An American hero from another world — 1962
    Posted: Saturday, July 28, 2012 7:02 pm
    FRANK MIELE/Daily Inter Lake Daily Inter Lake

    An American hero from another world

    Not only did the media justify socialism since Governor Nutter nailed it, the education industry force-fed generations of Americans the belief that socialism and communism are not the same thing. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been debating the brainwashed products of Socialist/Communist educators for the 12 years I’ve posted messages on message boards.


    Finally, I’m not sure if the United Nations is still supplying little collection boxes, but I remember liberals on another board in 2006 going bunkers because I said the UN is even ruining Halloween! The UN was giving away little cardboard boxes on the Internet. The boxes had a coin slot in them like a piggy bank. Trick or treaters were encouraged to ask people to donate money to some UN charity or other. The filthy bums would not let little kids have their trick or treat fun. I’m sure that UN dirt-bags have a story to justify their B.S.

    It’s more than the money. It’s planting, in the heads of five year olds, the idea that the UN is good. Parents who do that to their own children should be ashamed of themselves. Halloween is about kids and candy and scary costumes —— not about sick politics.

    My UN-loving opponents had a collective nervous breakdown when I said “If I had little gumps out trick or treating, I would let them collect for the UN —— then I would tell them to keep the money because the UN sucks.”

    Kids collecting for the UN and then keeping the money as I suggested is a good way to ripoff the UN for a change instead of the other way around. Admittedly, the amount of money involved is peanuts when compared to what the UN gets from American taxpayers, but kids keeping the money also shoots socialist brainwashing in the rear end. There’s no better message to send to American youngsters than this: Scam UN true believers the way they scam Americans —— only do it first and do it often.

    I still can’t think of anything more satisfying that ripping off half-wits who voluntarily contribute to the United Nations. Apparently, the government funding United Nations bums with tax dollars isn’t enough for half-wits.
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