Where has the resolve gone?

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    The truth about American resolve

    The truth must be told: Our nation has become a nation of wimps!

    Have you seen "United 93"? Please resolve to do so before the week is out. Resolve is in short supply these days, so it will be a welcome change if you actually follow through on your commitment.

    Truthfully, resolve has been slip-sliding away for some time. We've become a nation that has been sissified, homogenized and Oprahfied to a point where I don't recognize the country my children are growing up in. I still can't believe how many people were not outraged by the defense advanced on O.J. Simpson's behalf. The police in Los Angeles should have sued for slander. It was the longest hate-crime on record. The result? Two innocent Americans were buried and a killer was found to be, "not guilty." Where was our resolve to defend crime victims?

    Then, we have the commies in the "environmental movement." Why is it that every other country in the world can drill for oil wherever they please, but American companies can't, in essence, drill here at home? Hey, I'd rather buy my "bubblin' crude" from Uncle Jed than Uncle Osama any day. Why can't we find it in our hearts to allow an affable Alaskan hunter to miss a lucky Caribou and move to Beverly?

    The war on terror is almost a cliche at this point for the lack of American resolve. Why would any American buy the New York Times or any other Antique Media newspaper that has refused to report the unbelievable successes of our military in Iraq? I've been to Iraq and talked with the man on the street. I've been to Guantanamo Bay and have stared down terrorists. I have been the in the home of Palestinian terrorists and I can tell you without hesitation: You are being lied to! To under-report – no, refuse to tell – the full story liberating a country or to play down the intentions of our enemies is criminal! Why not resolve to toss out the liberal media?

    Resolve to toss out any politician who says: "I support the troops, but not the war." Resolve to shout that lie down the next time it is voiced?

    Where is the resolve for our children? We allowed public schools to be taken over by leftist unions, allowed "tenure" to be thrown around like condoms at a Paris Hilton after-party and, in the process, ruined any chance of our children receiving even a second-rate education. We banned competition, kicked God out of the classroom, made it damn near impossible to fire incompetent teachers (coincidentally, there are about as many incompetent teachers as there are illegal immigrants) – and no one wants to do anything about it! A quick note: Anyone who disagrees with this obviously is not a parent with children currently enrolled in a public school. I'm talking about the rule here, not the exception.

    Illegal immigrants. Exactly when did we lose our resolve to enforce our laws? What day was it when we said it was OK to hire a non-citizen just because they agreed to work for less than the minimum wage and were incapable of understanding a word we say? And why didn't we all have the resolve to put an end to that lunacy after 9-11?

    The heroic passengers on "United 93" were a throwback to an earlier time. This flight had passengers who were cool with doing the right thing. They were OK with taking action even if it did not benefit them personally. They had no problem feeling outrage, fighting for their country, killing people who meant Americans harm, and not apologizing or feeling guilty for any of it.

    "United 93" isn't just about the beginning of the War on Terror. The flight and the movie is about resolve. It is about what we're no longer about. We, as a country, have a fatal flaw: We are no longer comfortable with the word, "no." We are afraid to hurt feelings, we are afraid of discipline and we are afraid of merely being (falsely) accused of being intolerant.

    Resolve to see "United 93." And then think about how our world would be different if more of us understood the need and the constructive results from exercising a little resolve.

    And that's the truth!

    Rusty Humphries is a nationally syndicated talk-radio host who is heard in over 200 cities across America. <a href="https://www.talk2rusty.com" target=_blank">You can find more information about Humphries on his website</a>.

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