When You Dig In Street, You Risk Becoming Mere Red Meat

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    Using arthritic old men to dig the holes for IED emplacements doesn't seem like a very efficient method. Oh well, "You go to war with the weapons you have". In WWII the Navy used non exploding torpedoes designed and built by Naval ordnance for roughly two years before the private sector began supplying munitions that worked.
    When Halsey received his additional star in 1942, he wrote letters of condolence to the widows of Admirals Scott and Callahan, who had been killed in the night battle off of Guadalcanal that Halsey had received his star for, expressing the sentiment that it had been both their husband's bravery and gallantry in combat that was solely responsible for his new rank. Both Admirals ships had used the non exploding torpedoes that night to no avail.

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