When Obama loses it will not be because he's half white!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Jun 2, 2012.

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    But there will be idiots who voted for him will say it was!
    Really the majority of people that voted for him did so because THEY didn't want to in their simple stupid minds be considered "racist"!
    Seriously ... most Obama voters can't tell how many months Obama served as state senator much less how many months as US senator before he started running!
    1997 to 2004 -- 84 months as state senator...November 2004.
    He took office in January 2005 and after 24 months of experience as a US senator announced his presidential campaign in February 2007!
    24 months!
    And NO experience in the business world! Never ran even a lemonade stand!
    Never made a payroll much less UNDERSTOOD that as an employer Medicare/SS and unemployment taxes were paid by an employer... hence he NEVER understood what it costs!

    NO you Obama first time voters... get over it! He is simply inexperienced and being black or white has nothing to do with it!
    But what you Obama voters should know by now is IT IS NOT racist to recognize Obama's incompetence!

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