When KESC “punishment” & “torture” will ends

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    When KESC “punishment” & “torture” will ends

    I want to raise strong protest along complain against KESC conducting freely LOADSHEDDING a long hours AND totally blame on the sacked employed responsible for this.

    I want to share in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR, KARACHI Saturday May 21, 2011 load shedding begins in afternoon at 3 PM and restore power next day i.e Sunday 22, 2011 at 5 PM ( 26 Hours load shedding ). Realized how people force to mange to stay in hot summer days. Even UPS have a limit capacity to run maximum 3 to 5 hours tell how one can use UPS for these long hours of load shedding. Last Saturday May 28, 2011 load shedding starts in our AREA of Soldier Bazar at 5.30 PM and restore power after 11.30 PM ( 6 hours load shedding )

    This time 3 to 4 building face unique treatment and entire area of SOLDIER BAZAR got electricity. Why our area select by KESC for Saturday which means they consider as sleepless night. More interesting to share I lodge complain with 118 and entered my 13 digit number but no benefit because lodge complain at 8 PM but power come back at 11.30 PM.

    Why KESC is playing with public and trying to give more and more pain and trouble in order to put pressure on KESC management to re-call those who sacked. Why using negative tactics and disturbing people. Ever realized those who are elderly or infant how difficult to manage and force to stay in this hot summer days.

    Appeal to Governor of Sind and Chief Minister to take a necessary action against those who doing such carelessness and delaying to restore the power. If KESC now not listening consumers complain than who will first listen and protect their interest.

    Those who are black sheep and real culprits take an example action so in future no one dare to do such things against company reputation or goodwill. Due to a few staff entire department of KESC people are hating and showing un-happy and angry with their services when they are attending complain is too lazy.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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