When it comes to African-Americans and police bias, both sides are to blame

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    I’m not trying to rationalize history - I’m only trying to explain contemporary relations. You’re definitely right that black people have always been at a disadvantage through out American history. There is no denying the shameful past of slavery and separation in this country, but the treatment of black people - legally speaking - is very much different today. Black people in today’s America have the same rights as anyone else. This is where the issue gets more complex.
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    Close you eyes for a moment and imagine being raised, nurtured and socialized in a mostly peaceful American community.

    And then imagine becoming a police officer assigned to serve an American community where on a daily basis you speak with traumatized fellow citizens sharing their FEAR, emotional stress, as well as expressing genuine concerns for their family, friends, neighbors or co-workers SAFETY, as they tell you about the number of GUNSHOTS they witnessed or heard echoing through their community's residential neighborhood.

    Unfortunately, based on my personal experiences, I can safely say not all police officers possess the people skills, maturity, compassion and empathy required to serve American communities populated by large numbers of emotionally ill or troubled fellow American citizens.

    "My Brooklyn, NY Rookie Cop Ignorance"

    My Brooklyn, NY Rookie Cop Ignorance

    "Mental illness in Black Communities" Published on Nov 10, 2010 by www.dawsondenise.com

    "How Black Community's Ignorance of Mental Illness Almost Killed Me" ~Law of Polaris -North Star-

    "How black Women sabotage their sons," ~Law of Polaris -North Star-

    "Kendrick Lamar Talks About ‘u,’ His Depression & Suicidal Thoughts (Pt. 2)" | MTV News Published on Apr 1, 2015

    I DO NOT make excuses for dysfunctional human behavior, I try to understand it.

    Perhaps the time has come for all American and foreign born citizens to seek and embrace "understanding?"


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