When/If a "terrorist" blows up himself/plane via hiding bomb in his ass...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Reasoning, Nov 13, 2010.

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    The recent "underwear bomber" had the explosives hidden in a condom so...

    This has sorta been the obvious question everyone in the mainstream has no doubt thought of but hasn't discussed...

    With the recent backlash against the sexual abuse style fondling & sexual abuse style disrobing scanners I kinda wish the TSA would come out tomarrow and tell everyone that there will be mandatory anal cavity searches in order to fly just so I could watch the backlash from the sheeple.

    At what point are we letting the terrorists "win"? Is the fondling & naked scanning the limit? If so, how do you think everyone would react if a "terrorist" blows up himself/plane via hiding bomb in his ass...

    Considering tests have shown that the TSA fails to detect 60+% of contraband items such as explosives, it seems like the whole TSA system needs to be scrapped and reexamined from scratch.


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