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Discussion in 'Sports' started by barry1960, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I tuned into the ESPN telecast of the Texans-Jets game at 8:19 Pacific time. Having not watched previously I wanted to know the score. The Texans were running the bal seven minutes ramainingl so i deduced they were either trying out the clock or it was a blow out. Without the score it was had to tell.

    Over the next ten minutes i leasrned every type of obsure stat, but alas the announcers provided no score. Finally, at 8:29, I heard the the Texans were nursing a six point lead. The Jets were intercepted and the Texans were able to run down the clock. Interestingly enough the game ended at 8:43 PST. Not once was the score mentioned. Twice ESPN went to commercial without showing the score. The telecast ended without the score.

    ESPN then went to their recap. It took another four minutes in the recap to learn the final score. ESPN is known for providing scores and has done so for thirty years. Is it too much to ask for the score to be given occasionally?

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