What's Next For The U.S. Military

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    by War News Updates Editor

    What Obama's Re-Election Means For The Military, Veterans -- Leo Shane III, Stars and Stripes

    WASHINGTON – Even though Barack Obama has served as commander in chief for the last four years, his re-election Tuesday will mean significant changes for the military in coming months, especially in terms of defense spending.

    Where his challenger in the presidential campaign promised big increases in military budgets in coming years, Obama has planned almost $500 billion in spending reductions for the military over the next decade, calling it a responsible post-war plan. Republicans in Congress fiercely oppose the effort, but the president’s re-election blunts their hopes of increasing or even holding steady defense spending.

    Read more .... What Obama's re-election means for the military, veterans - Election 2012 - Stripes

    My Comment: My prediction .... the slated $500 billion in cuts over 10 years will go through, as well as the sequestration cuts of another $500 billion. And as Leo Shane accurately quotes ....

    .... Obama has said he won’t let the military be decimated by sequestration, but also won’t sacrifice other domestic programs to save the services.

    Translated .... domestic programs are the priority, and to save them he will cut even more of the military .... which I predict he will. In the end .... after 10 years .... the U.S. will have a military that will probably be far smaller than what it is today, operating on a budget that will be $100 billion+ less per year than what it is today (and that is assuming that inflation will be near zero .... which I strongly doubt will be the case when one considers the amount of money that the FED is printing today)..

    Will Congress have the juevos to really do something about this? Or will they "kick the can down the road" again?

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