What's Kerry whining about?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jimnyc, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Here's a snippet from his whining:

    ATLANTA -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused President Bush of using surrogates to attack his military service in Vietnam and his subsequent activism against that war.

    In a letter to Bush on Saturday, Kerry wrote: "As you well know, Vietnam was a very difficult and painful period in our nation's history, and the struggle for our veterans continues. So, it has been hard to believe that you would choose to reopen these wounds for your personal political gain. But, that is what you have chosen to do."

    #1 - Nobody attacked his military service. He's spouting this crap to try and avoid the real issues.

    #2 - His activism against the war and his related voting record is absolutely fair game.

    #3 - Funny how it's ok for him and the other democrats to constantly bring up Bush's military record.

    He campaigns against the military he just served in and then has a 30 year record of wanting to cut defense spending, and he thinks this shouldn't be discussed?

    This retards image has already been severely tarnished, and Bush hasn't even begun to air any ads yet!
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    My heart aches for him already! hahah! and yes, it's truly amazing that it's ok to dig up records on Bush and drag his past into everything, but this isn't fair game? Another whining session for the LIBS!!!! Can dish it out, but can't take it in return.

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