What’s intolerable is an Obama or Romney administration.

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    What’s intolerable is an Obama or Romney administration.

    I prefer a liberal victory; I would respect a conservative victory. Uncommitted Obama or Romney administrations are intolerable.

    I faulted President Obama because rather than striving to lead his party on domestic issues, he’s continuously acquiesced and surrendered. I gave up on him and the Democratic Party when the failed to discuss the federal budget and taxes on to the floors of both houses prior to the 2010 elections. It was both cowardly and politically stupid.

    In 2010 voted for the Green Party’s congressional candidate. I wasn’t particularly opposed to her foreign policy opinions but our nation’s economy is my upmost concern and it we do not share the same priorities. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils because the result is the election of an additional evil.

    In 2011 Obama’s tone changed a few months prior to the general election. I wasn’t going to vote for a change of tone in the last quarter. There was no Green Party candidate; for the first time since 1959, I didn’t vote in the primary or the general election. The 2010 elections were no less than what the president and his party deserved.

    Since then the president has continued in the same tone, but because he still hasn’t asked Senator Harry Reid to bring taxes and the federal budget onto the senate floor, Democratic sponsored legislation cannot reach the U.S. Senate floor.

    [Republicans led by the Tea Party will Filibuster to block any vote for a Democratic sponsored bill; but it’s important to force their blocking tactic be accomplished with a vote on record so they must take responsibility for their actions.
    Otherwise the right wing’s able to continue obstructing and suffer no consequences due to their mischief].

    I had intended not to vote in 2012. I‘d prefer risking government opposed to what I advocate, rather we governed by those that do not continue in some general direction.
    But if Romney becomes the Republican nominee, it’s a choice between Obama who (on domestic issues) does not strive to “hold the course”, rather than Romney who has NO core beliefs or direction. Romney will go in ANY direction that’s expedient at the moment. What he advocates on Monday may be what he will diametrically oppose next week.

    Romney acts upon his belief that the voters have no memory. He can present directly opposing statements in differing places, to differing audiences and still be elected.

    I would regret Democrats’ defeated by conservatives but there’s at least hope that voters experiencing the failures of conservative policies would remedy their errors.

    Democrat’s defeat by Romney’s inconsistent administration reacting only due to expediency would be intolerable. After such an administration’s detriment to our economy, the debate between liberals and conservatives will remain unresolved; we will have learned nothing.

    Respectfully, Supposn
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