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    The Kentucky State Police web site; "Effective July 12, 2006, U.S. citizenship is required to be eligible to obtain a CCDW license. The CCDW License Application - Citizenship Affidavit (KSP 131) must be completed and submitted to the sheriff of your county of residence to be attached to the application (KSP)." I have a CCDW license and live in Kentucky. I would have never thought anyone needed to debate this.What the FU(K!! I do not see why this issue was never covered before? Why did we have to put someone in office, pay them millions of dollars to figure this one out. :clap2: to all our beloved men and women of office, this time you really got that thumb up your a$$.

    I am new here and it would not let me post the URL to this website, but it is under the Kentucky State Police website. Under the Qualifications for a CCDW license. Oh yes, does your state require citizenship to carry a concealed weapons license?

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