What will it take for a President Kerry to use force?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by theim, Oct 27, 2004.

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    Anyone who has been reading my posts during the last few weeks knows that for me, the biggest probelm with Kerry is his whole support of a Global Test. I have to ask some libs, acludem, nakedemperor, what will it take to pass this Global Test?

    Kerry says he will be aggresive in fighting terror, and honestly I want to believe that. I've put aside my partisanship and tried to believe it. But I can't. Reason? The Gulf War. To recap:

    Clear threat of foce, Saddam physically invades Kuwait
    UN gives the thumbs up
    Allies all over the place
    Kerry votes no.

    The Gulf War did not pass his Global Test. His reason is that we should have worked more with diplomacy.

    Therein lies the problem. There comes a point where diplomacy does not work. I don't think Kerry realizes this. Iraq took over Kuwait, everyone was on board, but he thought we needed to negotiate more.

    In this day and age, I do not want a President who is busy negotiating the 47th cease-fire agreement with Abu Mohammed al-Kaboom in Iraq, or taking 3 years to try and convince the leader of (Insert ME nation here) to obey United Nations Meaningless Resolution Number 3452 in hopes of avoiding military action while Zarqawis and bin Ladens are planning attacks from that country.

    What will it take for Kerry to use force?
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    the problem with Kerry's test is that in reality he only talks about the
    guys that also have money, the Europeans. They feel that they can
    sit it out and use the money on local projects. THe euro also puts
    pressure on some of them not to go in debt.

    If Kerry hopes the EU will suddenly join the fight and sent money
    and troops he is fooled. I do not know what he will do if he wins but
    I hope he realizes that the US will have to go it alone if necessary.

    Bush's selection of Iraq was unfortunate because to much family
    issues made it easy for the EU to call it a personal vendetta and sit
    it out.

    But Iran and its nuclear program are a real threat and need to be taken
    out if they dont carve in, with or without allies.

    And whoever is president should not think about reelection when he
    enforces his views.

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