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    It boggles the mind.

    The fact the People Republic of China (PRC) and India got the WAY better end of the Free Trade Agreement. They (mostly the PRC) put all these restrictions on imports going into China, we send many of our factory jobs over there, they sell a buttload of their "quality" stuff over here and we have to deal with them sending billions of dollars in counterfeit goods over here . . . which if caught get destroyed.
    What do we show for it? Loss in jobs, the middle class buying a lot of worthless/lead tainted stuff which eventually break within a year (estimated if not less), and waste our manpower/resources to catch the counterfeits. Not to mention the natural or chemical resources wasted to make the counterfeits.

    Now they're sending bogus iPods and iPhones?
    1,000 iPhones were seized in China and the L.A. Times reported they seized $10 million worth at the Port of Long Beach yesterday (couldn't cut/paste the link)?
    With all this and their economy thriving, the Chinese still won't give in to any concessions?!

    We have to draw the *@#?! line some where.
    Hire more U.S. custom agents where the PRC is responsible for the bill. We agreed to the Free Trade Agreement, but NOT to flood us with the legal cheap and counterfeit crap. We are talking BILLIONS of dollars. THAT should be and is a real justification they can't argue. It is not our fault that the PRC can't control counterfeits or respect copyrights/patents that other countries do.

    Well, if we can't penalize them for the counterfeits . . . there is a silver lining. If we keep on expanding the KFC's and McDonald's franchises over there along with Pepsi/Coca-Cola, we won't be the most obese nation in the world for long.
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