What the right can do vs.what it cannot do.

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    A partial list- help me add more


    CAN) Right wing CAN claim the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is Communist
    CANNOT) Right wing CANNOT explain the particular parts of the act that are commnist and how they are communist. They just know that
    a) if they don't like it, it must be communist
    b) they think its unconstitutional, and by definition, anything that's unconstitutional, is also communist, for there are only two sides to any argument (the right wing patriot side and the commie side)

    CAN) Claim that Obama said unemployment would never go above 8% if the stimulus were passed
    CANNOT) Directly quote, correctly, Obama saying this.

    CAN) Tell us that BOTH parties in this country are MESSED UP and basicallty the same
    CANNOT) avoid voting Republican when they are standing in the voting booth

    Please, all non-Righties - help with more.

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