What the Media is Not Reporting About Tiger Woods

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    At 42,, he's no longer the most dominate golfer in the world. But, he still draws massive crowds wherever he appears. So, just how well has he done since returning to tournament play in Nov 217?

    He's played in 10 tournaments.

    He's only missed the cut once - Genesis Open in Feb 2018

    He's been in the top 10 3 times.

    According to the PGA Tour FedExCup Standings, he's earned $1,428,327 so far this year and #48 in their rankings with a 69.988 scoring average.

    Want to guess his liftime winnings? How about $111million!

    How much has he donated to charity? The best I can find is $12million of his tour winnings. Doesn't seem to be any information about how much from trhe massive earnings from endorsements.

    And, best of all, watch his smile while he's playing. He's no longer under such intense pressure and seems to actually enjoying the game. And that what participating in a sport should all be about.

    Lucas Glover's wife beats him down after every bad round @ Police: Golf champ's wife attacked him after he bombed at tournament
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