What ten items r ur picks for the Alone show.

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    here's the possible gear to pick from, the items you're issued, and the list of prohibited items.

    The best setup is a Cold steel E tool, with one edge modfied to be an 8" saw blade. A modified Crunch multitool, a 5qt skillet from Amazon including lid. The fishing kit, the gillnet, the 12x12 tarp, the hammock, the duct tape, one of the 5 lb rations (a mix of gorp and pemmican) one of Chief Aj's slingbows, with 4 of the arrows featuring 4-tined fishing heads. If you know what to do, that will suffice fine. On vancouver, not one of them figured out that they should be juicing the kelp. TWO hours per day should be spent on juicing 20 lbs of kelp per day, 400 calories to the good, providing arbs that you need in order to keep your brain working properly.

    Fish have no carbs and almost no fat. Late in the fall, there's almost no edible plant parts and they offer little food value. The animals will soon all be migrated or hibernating, or else, be severely restricted in how much they move around. So you've got to be SUPER busy that first month and then very busy for the next month. Then the winter will pretty much have shut you down, cause you'll be burning so many calories that you wont get them back, trying to forage.

    here's the gear list
    Alone S4 Alone - Full Gear List and Prohibited Items | A&E on Foxtel

    you can pick 10 items and they give you a bunch more, clothing, safety gear, tarps,
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