What Somalia can teach us about Freedom and Government

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    Imagine living in a state like Somalia where there is no government where each person is free to do whatever they want without any restraint. A person would realize that anything they think of they can do and short of their own conscience, are not prohibited from acting on all impulses that they have. This person would then establish their own religion and practice it as they want. Then they would establish their own home, their own family, and etc, etc, etc but there is only one problem with this scenario. Other people, including himself, would act on their impulses to remove those things from them. They would force him into their own religion, take his home, sell his wife, and generally violate everything he thought he was free to do including living since those same raoming gangs might take that right away as well.

    The people in Somalia eventually realize that government is needed in order to protect the people but what is it that we are really protecting? The very first conception for any need for government arises when those things mentioned above are in danger from others but the things mentioned above are not just the security of every person but the freedom of each individual since they exist because of the free will of that person. They choose their own religion, they choose their own mate, they choose their own home, etc, etc, and etc.

    Consider religion for a moment. It is not property, money, food, or shelter, but what spirituality a person chooses to believe in and that is a choice someone makes for themselves. The government that people wanted was wanted because they needed something to protect that choice from people's natural totalitarian instinct that arises under anarchy. In other words, they needed government to protect the free will of every person not to establish a new will for each person.

    (This is why Thomas Jefferson wrote governments are instituted among men...)

    The newly formed government can only be considered a failure if did everything that mob rule did before by not protecting the freedom of every individual. This shows that the only correct government in existence is one that protects the freedom of every individual since that was the original purpose that it was established for.

    This new government can be a monarchy, democracy, republic, or of any form that the people want and would still be a successful government as long as it protected the freedom of every individual. A government that remains true to its only correct form will establish laws that are based on the inherent rights of each person where the only limits of ones own actions come about when those actions violate the rights of someone else. Doing this would prevent failed states like Somalia and allow the maximum freedom of every person to remain untouched.
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