What role government? What should we expect?

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    More government restriction?

    Well, years ago when religion played a strong role in the towns all across this country, no store owner would try to make 1000 percent profit on food items like our chain stores do now. There was a sense of community and community responsibility.

    The Social Security system back then was through the Church. If a man could not find work and could not buy food for his family, the church members provided for his family and generally found the man a job. Industries in the local area would find ways to keep a disabled man working so that he could stand with a sense of pride (Men are supposed to be providers and a man who can not provide for his wife and children is a potential suicide.) That is the reason why the night watchman was usually a lame man who had been injured at work and could no longer work in an industrial job. The factory found or made a job for him so that he could live his life with some dignity.

    But America turned away from religion and moved from "small town" America to the Big City and started looking for Government to effect solutions to unemployment and families without providers. The solutions were a quagmire of social programs from Welfare to Social Security to Unemployment Compensation to Food Stamps to Subsidized Housing to .......

    As time goes by, there will be more programs that will replace the function of the church in the towns of years ago. Since the social programs come from a non Godlike government, it became easier for people to reject the influence of religion, and divorce became rampant. Couples living together without the benefit of the legal provisions of marriage became commonplace and men could just walk away from a "relationship" with a woman and not provide for the children he had sired with her.

    What the hell, the government would provide for them. Right?

    There is a tremendous crisis in America with men not providing for their children. Government has been cracking down on some of these men, but not doing an effective job of making them responsible for child support. Inner-city America is a horrible moral mess with that as one of the major problems.

    The solution? Well the only thing that we know works is small town America with the old fashioned values. People long for it, but they don't understand that THAT is what they long for. They just know that years ago, things were a lot better then they are now. Of course, longing is not the solution.

    Should we let it all collapse because of the decay from within? Will the inner cities burn? I think so, and it might be this year. Will God send a plague to wipe out the horrible decadence of mankind? From this disgusting mess, will a new society arise from the ashes of the burned out cities just like a Phoenix? That might be hoping for too much.

    The reality is that we now have to depend on government to effect solutions. I have long felt that the difference between manual labor wages and top executive wages should not exceed a factor of four or five. If a hard working manual laborer can make $40,000 a year, then a CEO or POTUS should not be allowed to earn over $200,000 a year. That should be the max on income. Anything more than that should default to the common good (I.e. government, though a wage earning CEO can take all of his income in excess of $200,000 and donate it to a non-profit organization like a church because churches just might help restore morality to America.)

    Along the same lines, stores and store chains should be allowed to make a reasonable profit, but outrageous profits should not be tolerated. If what I am seeing continues with these large chain stores, I favor strong physical and verbal expressions of displeasure at those stores.

    My father was an activist. Just like my father, when the cause is just, I am not afraid of being arrested. Sometimes you just have to use force to effect logical solutions. It worked for my father in dealing with some corrupt men in our home town. Dad took his .45 and went looking for them. Those men he was "hunting" so many years ago quickly disappeared. They never caused any more problems. Funny how strong solutions work so efficiently.

    We need to get the people involved in a Levée en masse, just like Napoleon managed to do in France when he guided them. The slogan we should use might be "America Awake!" We need to take back our country and try to restore some sensibility to conduct across the land. America needs to awake to an understanding that we need to return to standards of ethics and morality. The present system is failing us in miserable fashion.

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