What really happened on December 6th, 2006?

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    Where the wild things are
    I brought, 2 weeks ago, though without much detalies, a very summed up unexplainable story, about an event that shook up the entire state of Israel, for long months. Since it was not clear, I will re-tell it, after studying the issue a little more deeply.


    The KGB, CIA, and Mossad, are competing between themselves, which organization could possibly find a tiny mouse in a wild jungle.

    After an hour of searching, the KGB finds a mouse, and passes the test. After two hours, the CIA finds one, as well.

    The Israeli Mossad comes back after 3 hours, with en elephant.

    "Does that seem like a mouse to you?!"

    "Don't worry, in two minutes we'll get him to admit he's one"


    In the state of Israel, the percentage of convictions is one of, if not the higher, in the world.

    999 convictions to every 1000 cases.

    Thousands of Israelis are being locked up each year, without doing any harm.

    It can heapen to anyone.

    The story itself begins at December, 2006.

    A cruel murder of a 13 year old girl, shakes the state of Israel.

    The bloodshed happens at a school, a place where parents send their kids without fear.

    Journalists begin to fill up Katzerin, a sleepy district city up in the northen Golan heights, 6500 residents at most.

    The regional school of "Nofei Golan" gathers young teens from all over the northern district.

    The time is 1:20 in the afternoon. Children are in classes.

    The young girl, Ta'ir Rada, leaves her class towars the water fountain inside the building. For some reason, she ends up in another building, waking towards the girls' bathroom which belongs to the 10th graders' building. Between the first floor and the second floor there is a "middle floor" tiolets. She goes into the "middle floor" toilets booth, and not the ones at the end of the stairs, on the second floor.

    The time is 1:21. Two students notice Ta'ir on her way to the Girl's restrooms. She is recognizing one of them as her friend, pecks him on his check, and waves in "goodbye" when leaving towards the girl's restrooms.

    She seems happy. At ease.

    The two young teens sitting in the lobby testify that Ta'ir was alone at the time, no one followed her.

    The time now is nearly 1:22. Ta'ir goes inside the restrooms in the empty floor.

    Someone is waiting for her there.


    The night arrives, but Ta'ir does not return home. Her mother is worried, her father anxious, but tries to calm his wife.

    Hours pass, and Ta'ir is reported missing. Volunteers in Katzerin begin looking for the absent child. Between 7-8 PM they find her inside the girls' restrooms in the building.

    Ta'ir is dead.

    She has been stabbed and left to die in a toilet's booth number 2. The Scene shows violence, and over 100 silent testimonies are to tell a story of a cruel attack.

    She bled out, died alone.

    In her pocket, she still had her cellphone, showing many unanswered calls. In another pocket, her Ipod.

    The city of Katzerin is shocked. A fine girl, belongs to a wellknown family, never had any problems with anyone, always so lively and happy.

    The evidence show that Ta'ir was beaten on her nape, then was attacked by a pocket knife, on the left side of her neck, and the right side of her cheekbone.

    The attack is finished in matter of minutes. Ta'ir falls in the floor, then dragged into booth number 2. she's laid down on the seat. The attacker locks himself with her from the inside. he leaves shoe-prints on the floor. One shoe print on the floor, another on the toilet seat, one more on the washing tank, and another on the upper side of the wall, from the left. obviously the killer's escape patch. The killer leaves the booth locked from the inside, than by the escape marks, leaves from Number 2 toiler, to number 3, on the left. Tissues are used to Clean the scene.

    Tissues are found, an hour later, by the cleaning man, in the boys' restrooms.

    fingerprints, shoe marks, hair and DNA are there to tell the story.

    But not only those. In a previous holiday, Ta'ir had a fight with some of her friends, who stopped suddenly all communication with her. Ta'ir didn't tell her parents she was having troubles socialy. In the previous days all network actions and ICQ communication had suddenly stopped.

    By testimonies, a 18 year old Tiberian man called Avi, called Ta'ir few times, but she rejected him. Ta'ir's callsmates told when asked, that Avi threatened to kill her if she didn't meet with him.

    An hour previous to the incident, when asking about feelings in theater class, little Ta'ir told her teacher that she's afraid to die.
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    Where the wild things are
    Clearly someone didn't have her best intentions in mind.

    When searching the scene, it is found that the size of the shoe prints is 36. A child's shoe.

    The days following the incident are critical. classmates are investigated, people ask questions, suspects are brought.

    The Israeli police wishes to end this case as soon as possibly. Only days before, serial rapist Benni Sellah as escaped prison, and now, the girls of Israel are frightened not only by a serial rapist, but a northen children's killer, as well.

    2 suspects are brought to investigation. 2 of them have alibis. However, it takes 5 days for those to be checked. criticism is highly on the police.

    Then Roman Zadorov is arrested.

    While the two others had clear alibis, and insisted on those to be checked, not the case with Zadorov. Or so people thought.

    Sadorov is the school's laborer. immigrant from Russia. Married and have a newborn son. Hardly speaks hebrew.

    at the evening of the murder Romans seems anxious. he throws out his cloths, and when asking of anything wrong by his wife, he simply said that a child died in the school's restrooms.

    That detail was not known to anyone but the police and forensics, at the point. When asked about the wordrobe exchange, he says his pants no longer fit him.

    Roman is being held under costudy, for the killing of young girl Ta'ir Rada. Forensics then say that his shoe prints are found on Ta'ir's pants. Zadorov, after few days, admitted he killed Rada because she annoyed him after he asked her for a cigarrette. He said that he was hot tempered and at times had rage attacks. Like on that day.

    Police have found their killer.

    The Ta'ir Rada case is being told from north to south, her name becomes a symbol of fight against violence and cruelty. A lively beautiful child, that her light faded out in a blink.

    The judges describe Zadorov as a manipulator. A liar. one minute he admits of killing the girl, even taking the detectives to the scene and showing exactly how he slaughtered the child, but in different time and place, pleads his innocence. to an inmate he admits of killing the girl, but another cop gets nothing but lies. No explenation of how and why he did what he did. His behavious on the crime scene proves he knew details only the real killer could no. The police is sure. He is our guy.

    On the surface, that is correct. But many are the details which are being ignored and overlooked.

    like the fact that Ta'ir succeeded pulling on her attackers hair. the same hair she helded in her right hand didn't belong to her, nor Zadorov. Actually, to 2 other different people. Long her.

    The size of a shoe- 36, in a stain of blood. Where did that shoe print came from. The shoe prints on the wall didn't belong to Zadorov. that is known because the path shows clearly the attacker was left handed, while Zadorov was right handed. those shoe prints were not his.

    The shoe prints on the pants of the childs, were not shoe-prints at all, but stains created by the cellphone marks and the serrated knife which killed her(something that have been discovered only in the passing two weeks). The tool that Sadorov supposedly used by any forensic report, was Japanese knife. Nothing similar at all.

    A teen witness, saying she saw Roman at the time near the schoolgates, was ignored.

    Evidence showing blood stains reaching a nearby street, were ignored.

    The witnessing of another two girls, about the misterious caller Avi, was checked. They crossed the information with another man, who was not the caller. No one checked further, were is this Avi live.

    Possibility is that he never existed at all.

    A taxi driver, picking up three boys near the area in the same afternoon, told there was blood on one's shirt, he cries and cried out "what have I done?!" and his friends shut him up, warning him "not to say anything".

    The "inmate" of the cell, was an undercover cop, who was told he would be paid in thousands shekels if getting Roman to admit. Roman told him, "If I say nothing they can use it against me, If I say things they can use them against me, what should I do"? the "inmae" told him, "Just admit it, so you'll get some sleep".

    In the crime scene, accompanied by cops, he was asked to "re-make" the scene. The first catch of the "show" that, by defense, was a fake, shows Roman telling the detectives that he was following her, steps behind. False. She was alone. Second mistake made, when going up the steps, he was about to go up to the second floor. Ta'ir didn't die there, but the "Middle floor". third mistake, by asked where did he cut her, he pointed at the right side, on the neck. That side of the child's body was the only one left untouched. Zadorov didn't tell of the beatening. why is that? Not clear. when asked to redo the escaping, he passed throught the front-door of the booth. that was not the escape patch.

    That was after he told that he locked the door from the outside, which was impossible.

    By camera, was taken a bunch of scenes that not even ONE of the, happened in reality. all of those facts, were ignored by the police and judges.

    The circumstances speaks loudly, but also the doubts. Only in the last two weeks, an expert came to Israel from the USA to check the story of the Israeli child's bloodshed. The conclusion was clear.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_bylMyRlUY&list=UUsz3xTxzzbPT6ksSBTL2urg&index=3&feature=plcp]Breaking news - Rada-Zadorov case - YouTube[/ame]

    In Israel there are 999 convictions to 1000 cases. What really happened on December 6, 2006? Was Roman Zadorov Ta'ir Rada's killed? That, Only Ta'ir knows.
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    Whatever happened on August 23rd, 1929?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skYN3q1BsEo]Hebron Massacre, the first documented massacre in the holyland - YouTube[/ame]

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