What one event would reduce OIL speculators buying?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Ask any oil speculator what the most important piece of information they need and the question they need answered is "how much oil reserves are there"?

    After all simple market forces are ultimately what drive oil speculators i.e.
    If indications are there is increasing demand and decreasing amount of oil..what does that mean?? It will take more money to buy a barrel of oil.
    I know that sounds simple but that's it!

    What would make the price of a barrel of oil decrease? More supply of oil!


    Even the dumbocrats AGREE! Releasing strategic oil reserves would do what???
    MAKE more oil available which means.. lower oil prices.

    BUT this is where the DUMBOCRATS are so out of touch with reality!

    Instead of increasing the production.. they are cutting back production!

    YES! The increase in domestic oil production doesn't happen over night!
    I mean they are quick to blame Bush for the economy but who set the
    increases in place to have more domestic oil production as it take 3 to 5 years from
    oil development to production.

    Yet Dumbocrats are AGAINST opening the equivalent of a postage stamp on a football field i.e. the same ratio of ANWR drilling footprint less then 2,000 acres in millions of acres of ANWR!

    NO sense of reality.

    And these same Dumbocrats EVIDENTLY want the Exxon Valdez event to occur again spilling millions of barrels in the ocean.. rather then 245 barrels in one mile of pipeline!

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