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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by germanguy, Nov 25, 2009.

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    you should see "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise and you should read "Knots and crosses" from Ian Rankin.


    Why ?

    First the film:

    Tom Cruise at last did not ruin it for me.
    Still strange to see him as a german officer of WWII, but he did his best.

    The story itself was neither new to me and how the story ends is also nothing new.
    But I think it is a good thing that it is shown, that there was this plot and who those people where.

    Funny I thought was, that with only two exceptions, the germans were played by british actors. But it works.
    And you do not get those lousy imitations of germans by non-german speaking actors.

    If you are a WWII buff or at least want to have a film about WWII, where there are some german heroes, grab the DVD.

    Now the book:

    Ian Rankin has invented IMHO the best detective character of the last 20 years.

    John Rebus, a scottish Detective Constable, living in Edinburgh is this hero and I love him.

    What do we get ?

    Rankin uses Edinburgh and is´s surrounding as scenery. I bet the tourism board must pay Rankin a fortune for this advertisement.
    But we get the dark and sad sides of this town. The dirty underbelly, the social outcasts - in short, the contrast to the tourist town with it´s festival and it´s Castle, Glenfriars Bobby etc.

    And the hero is not very likeable first.

    DC Rebus is a loner, drinking most of the time too much and always smoking the last cigarette. And his past is even darker. A broken marriage, an alienated daughter and a past in the SAS we do not get more than hints of.

    He is, if there is one, the true heir to Sam Spade.
    Humour there is as well, but the scottish version. A short punch right to the point.

    Sounds like a cliché ?
    Rankin avoids these very clever. If you simply describe John Rebus he is an asshole, but after a certain time, you get a fuller and richer picture and you start to love his character.

    And the plot is very clever as well.

    I like good mystery books, but have been highly disappointed by the most (Elisabeth George etc.).
    In "Knots and Crosses" we get a serial killer and a clueless police.
    Nothing new, but what Rankin makes out of this story is just great. Every turn the story makes you do not expect until a grim finale.

    If you get addicted with this, be happy, there are already much more books with John Rebus on the market.

    Excellent crime stories and the best book I have read so far this year.

    ze germanguy
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