What does this mean?

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    What does this mean?
    "I will stand by Islam."

    What does this mean?
    "I will speak with the Iranians w/o preconditions."

    What does this mean?
    Picture of Obama being dressed by handlers in preparation for an Islamic ceremoney?

    What does this mean?
    Close ties w/ Louis Farrakhan.

    What does this mean?
    Days after Clinton suspended her campaign the President of Iran stated that the "countdown for the destruction of America has began."

    What does this mean?
    Hussein has known ties to a terrorist that bombed American Government buildings.

    What does this mean?
    Over and over again Hussein has shown nothing but contempt for the American flag.

    What does THIS mean?
    The defination of Hussein is as follows: The boy's name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "good; small handsome one"; The name of a PROMINENT PERSON in SHIITE ISLAM and a ROYAL name in Jordan. Again: THE NAME OF A PROMINENT PERSON IN SHIITE ISLAM!

    You better open your eyes out there. We're being shucked and jived and the stakes are the destruction of your nation.
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    Ok Hillary .... you have been exposed! Fess up! Just tell us it is you! :tongue: Let's talk! :eusa_whistle:

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