What do Meso's care about?

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    The Good insane United states of America
    What do Meso's care about?

    Here is what I believe they care about
    -Loose immigration laws
    -Being rewarded for breaking our laws with food stamps, Schooling, college education, etc.
    -We could run more of the conservative Meso's(the few that there are)

    So republicans what do we do? Should we drop our immigration laws and ask Mexico to join our union? Honestly, they're not going to stop crossing our borders and so let's just cut right to the chase.

    They certainly don't respect our laws. Think of the resources of Mexico! :cool: They're the ones coming here seeking a better life, yet they vote to destroy it. LOL. :badgrin: Well, let's get the goods!

    Republicans should offer to make sure that all of Mexico is made part of the United states. This would mean that we have to get it up to our standards...Sounds like one way we can beat the democrats!
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