What Bush Had Created: Happened Big-Time!

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    Trains haul big things, but many stopped doing so in 2009. This is not a consquence of what happened on January 20, however, but is a consequence of happened before that.

    Freight trains carry 20% less cargo in 2009 than in the previous year - latimes.com

    Things that Americans wouldn't make for themselves included cars, energy, steel, housing, giant buildings, and giant things that require freight trains. The economy contracted a few percentage points, but Freight-Train Hauling contracted 20%, and heavily in domestic raw materials. That took time to mega-stop!

    Anyone cynical would not be surprised that people in the United States no longer make things. More and more they go to the doctor a lot, and then to the bank, and then to the stock brokerage, and call it a year(?)! The Employment Situation reports are like that. It is elsewhere and often noted that Obama-Biden mainly bailed out the teachers, who caused it all, the state and local government employees who made it policy, and then the police who enforced compliance.

    The Federal job creations was mostly to send younger people overseas, with weapons: Ostensibly to create some outcome, (apparently acceptable to Bureau of Indian Affairs). Tribes in Afghanistan actually get run by the Karzai government, a kind of 19th Century, corrupt Little BIA for nomadic Moslems.

    Nomadic Moslem Shepherds are now, clearly, Public Enemy Number One! Heavens and the Deit(ress(ies) were mainly at fault in the Haitian building inspection codes, the Soviet building inspection codes, and the relative lack of any further need for building inspection codes in America! Nomadic Moslem Shephereds are GOP hold-over, Priority Number One in America!

    Bush-Cheney had clearly set the American Priorities on the path they intended, reliant on fantasy Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the basis fear of nomadic Moslem Shepherds. This had followed their belief in the fantasy, low-income tax-payer base. That fantasy created the tax cuts, that would stimulate the economy: Since those people would get absolutely nothing out of it at all.

    Notice in the article linked: That Republican policies generally tend to fear anyone who actually has a job that makes something. So the new industry, "Security," happens instead. The Bush-Cheney phantom "Tax-Cut Stimulus" created what clearly the GOP had planned--which is absolutely nothing, being a party of "business(?)"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Americans also feared Great Geronimo, and Crazy Horse--and other light-skinned ethnic peoples(?)! They seem to have that in common with Afghani Shepherds, Public Enemy number one!)
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