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    Will Obamacare Cause Employers to Drop Health Coverage? | Via Meadia

    So, it is 2014. Now, employers have a choice to make. They can pay upwards of $12,000/year for each employee's family health insurance or nearly $5,000/year for a single employee or they can pay a $2,000/employee tax.

    Your employer has been subsidizing your health insurance for the five years you have been working for them, but now they run the numbers and decide that it is much cheaper for them to pay the $2,000/employee than it is for them to pay for your health insurance. They decide that come the next enrollment period, all of you are on your own when it comes to health insurance. They will willingly pay the tax. Oh, and they are unwilling to pass those savings on to you in your payroll. Why should they?

    You as an individual have to have health insurance or pay a tax to the government and go without health insurance. Are you going to quit your job and join the ranks of the unemployed?

    Americans for Tax Reform : Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare

    Here is a decent article saying that this won't happen, but are you willing to bet on it?

    Will Obamacare Drive Out Employer-Sponsored Insurance>? A Simple Test « Code Red

    Keep in mind, there are already plenty of companies that can no longer provide health insurance for their employees and no longer do. So, the idea that the "employment market" will prevent employers from doing this is not on all that stable of ground. When one company makes the choice, others will follow.

    And this article puts numbers and percentages to the employment market that is expected to drop health coverage altogether.

    How US health care reform will affect employee benefits - McKinsey Quarterly - Health Care - Strategy & Analysis

    Are you ready, willing and able to pay for your own health insurance when your employer tells you, "Sorry, this is a business decision. We have no other choice"?


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