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    Is Bush still relevant? - Yahoo! News

    Obama whines about 1.3 trillion deficit yet what did HE do? He created the BIGGEST budget ever and created almost a trillion dollar stimulus to boot. All that shrinks the deficit he was left into nothing. OBAMA not BUSH created the stimulus and the LARGEST budget ever. Obama not Bush plans to triple the debt we owe in half the time it took Bush to double the previous debt.

    Obama not Bush plans to saddle us with trillions in debt for health care that will be worse for this country then anything previously done. Obama not Bush is pushing to gut Medicare.

    Obama has signed into law money bills that ensure 50 cents on every dollar spent now is borrowed by the Government.

    He has not tried at ALL to cut the deficit, he instead has CREATED even higher deficits while destroying the tax base and increasing taxes in a recession/depression. In fact he has admitted he won't even try to cut the deficit until a second term. While he keeps demanding more and more money we do not have.

    Further the Democrats controlled Congress in 2007 and 2008, the deficit was theirs. THEY left him a deficit. And while Congress is still spending they are doing it at the behest of Obama.

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