What a 92% error and missing 12.5% land mass have to with Bill Gates...

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    Gates says 2% two percent national energy consumption tax
    “What’s key is the carbon tax in the 20-to-50 year period, and can politicians do something today that would make it crystal clear to a risk-taker that there’s going to be a substantial carbon tax during the relevant time period,” Gates said. “If I’m innovating in power plants today for people who buy power plants ten years from now, [the goal is that] their equation will favor the clean technology.”

    Read more: Bill Gates | Barack Obama | Energy Consumption Tax | The Daily Caller

    So Gates an obvious believer that carbon emissions has caused global warming and global warming melting glaciers that will raise the sea level says a 2% national carbon consumption tax will solve it!

    A) Over the past 50 years global warming advocates as a basis for their assumption of global warming has been temperature readings from temperature recording stations around the earth. All the readings are compiled and an average and mean calculation comes up with increasing temperature readings.

    Increasing readings.. means global warming. Global warming means melting glaciers and rising sea levels.

    Is Gates et.al. aware that over the 50 years 12.5% of the earth's land mass temperature readings weren't included? I mean "global warming" means entire globe is warming right? So how can one conclude the globe is warming if 12.5% of land mass is not included?

    More on 92% error or how estimate for Himalayan glacier melt was projected at 50 billion BUT reality?? 4 billion ! A 92% error!

    By the way Gates... would you accept a premise in your O/S that had a 92% chance of not working?

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