WH "White Board" on Buffett Rule LIED PER THE IRS!!!

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    The White House White Board, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, talks about the "Buffett Rule"
    White House White Board: The Buffett Rule | The White House

    The above video shows the following chart of what THEY LIED with to explain why the Buffett Rule" !

    BIGGEST FALLACY... They included Social Security and Medicare payments by the category.
    For example the Executive Assistant making $49,980 THEY INCLUDED these payments.

    The fact is that on the Executive Assistant. 6.20% for SS and 1.45% for Medicare or
    total of 7.65% paid by employee and matched by employer!

    Assuming employee paid over 35 years the 7.65% deduction and employer also:
    That would be $267,642 paid IN Social Security/Medicare.
    SS payments and Medicare payments for 20 years at retirement: $552,000!

    SO WHY DID THE WH include MONEY as tax payments THAT WILL BE RETURNED???

    The fact is the IRS shows per the spreadsheet file from the IRS that ANYONE can download the Proof the WH lied:

    In 2009 9,307,802 taxpayers with adjusted taxable income over $40,000 and under $50,000 paid 11.85% in taxes! AND NOT 16%!!!
    So according to IRS the WH exaggerated by 45% the effective tax rate for Executive Assistant! $WHBuffettrules.jpg

    So folks WHY are people STILL BELIEVING this WH when even the IRS proves them WRONG! Including MEDICARE/SOCIAL SECURITY "TAXES" IS wrong because unlike the INCOME TAXES people get their payments BACK!!
    SO how can that be included in the TAXES supposedly paid??

    DO you non-Obamatron, independents NOW see how totally deceitful this WH/Obama have been??

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