West Bank Is Arab-Occupied Jewish Land

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    The West Bank doesn't exist.

    The correct historical name of the land is the Hebrew Judah and Samaria which date back 3000 years under Jewish sovereignty. When the Arabs in Jordan stole Judah and Samaria during the '48 War, the King of Jordan renamed Judah and Samaria "The West Bank"

    Judah was one of the oriignal 12 Tribes that established the Jewish nation in Israel 3 millenia ago.

    When the Romans occupied Judah and Samaria 2000 years ago, they minted the Judaea Capta coins that verify the Jewish connection with the land http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judaea_Capta_coinage

    The Dead Sea Scrolls, 2000 yrs old, also show the Jewish link with the land today mistakenly called the West Bank
    Dead Sea Scrolls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Only one nation has ever been established in Israel or Judah and Samaria over the past 3000 years: The Jewish nation. Arabs are occupiers.

    Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Charles Krauthammer...
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