Were they trying to build a 'cathouse'? :)

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    Cat Found Built Into Wall Of New House
    Rescued Animal Taken To Vet Hospital

    UPDATED: 5:25 am PDT October 27, 2005

    LOUISBURG, Kan. -- The saying, "If these walls could talk" took on new meaning in Louisburg this week. There, the walls of one house were practically screaming.

    A cat was accidentally built into the walls of a new house in Kansas.

    "I thought I heard something earlier that morning," a construction worker said.

    The homeowner and workers heard the cat making noises.

    "We started banging on the walls and bathtub, and (the cat) started again," said homeowner Emily Vano. "Our voices probably triggered him to say, 'I'm here, I'm here!'"

    The builder estimated the cat had been stuck in the walls at least three weeks.

    "The contractor figured out he was just under the tub and got dry walled in," Vano said.

    Workers tore a hole in the wall, made some cat calls, and the scared, tired and thirsty animal crawled out.

    "Poor little thing. So sorry we built you into the house," Vano said.

    Vano took the cat to a veterinary hospital, where he's being called Hal, because he was found just before Halloween. The homeowner hopes the cat's owner will come forward.


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