Were the Wright and Pfleger events all part of Obama's campaign?

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Jon, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I've been having this lingering feeling that Obama deliberately had Wright and Pfleger throw themselves under the bus for his own benefit.

    I think Obama had to find a way to distance himself from Trinity and black liberation theology, as well as the racist fucks who run it, without his making it too obvious as to WHY he was distancing himself. If he left at the start of his campaign without any real reason, blacks would be concerned that he was selling them out. If he didn't distance himself at all, whites would be concerned that he actually was racist (and I still am). Wright became public, and Obama distanced himself. People didn't seem to react. Wright continued to embarrass Obama, knowing the public was watching, and finally Obama was able to "cut ties" completely. Still, people were skeptical because Obama STILL went to the church. So, miraculously, along comes this other guy, who just so happens to be a long time friend of Obama, speaking at Obama's church, and he makes a complete ass out of himself - again, knowing the public was watching. So, Obama now has a reason to leave his church, which is exactly what the public wanted to see. People seemed to actually buy it this time. Maybe Obama's NOT a racist, they thought.

    It all seems a bit too ironic for me. Why would Pfleger, being a long time friend of Obama's, do ANYTHING to jeopardize Obama's campaign after what happened with Wright? In Obama's church, no less. Too convenient, in my opinion.

    Anyone else starting to feel the same way?

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