Welcoming Afghanistan To Bureau Of Indian Affairs

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    Millions are aware that Bush foreign policy had "interests" in the world. There was no interest about knowing anything about the world. The rest is called, "Recent Current Events in the Middle East."

    There appears to be widespread international concensus that the Afghanistan Central Government is (1) genuinely imbued, and widely perceived, of a sense of widespread corruption. The second great consensus is like unto it, (2), it cannot exist without the "guidance" and "proection" of United States military planning.

    Anyone is reminded of U. S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

    Here is what BIA, and taxpayers, need to know about their new Reservation.
    Afghanistan - Ethnic Groups

    Here is what we have to "tame them" with.

    Anyone can see the services, and what the agency is for. The funny little map has to be re-drawn.

    There seems to be no widespread, popular agenda or will to have them housed: Even anywhere in Illinois, "Land of Lincoln," (small wonder)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (International Affairs are like this, in America!)
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