Webcam Extortion or Blackmail ?

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by snovamp, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I have an issue and really have no idea of where to turn. I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion on my next step. I was involved with a man years ago when I worked for him. It was a physical relationship which ended when I moved back north.
    I lost touch with him for years until I ran into his profile on facebook last year. I initially was looking for his daughter in law as we were close friends when I lived in the south.
    We started communicating via fb and later on skype via webcam. Against my better judgement, I made a fatal mistake. I agreed to take pictures of various acts with myself and a partner of choice. He wanted me to wander the streets and basically pick up strange, have sex with, and take pictures of for his jollies. I refused that demand and instead enlisted my ex husband to the deed. He emailed me a list of numerous things he wanted to see and we did them.. staged them.
    He told me that if I did this for him, he would help me get out of debt, and stupid is as stupid does, I fell for it. He got the pics, I got told I didn't do the whole list and for this I wasn't going to be helped. He always told me that in order for him to help me, I had to help him.
    Present day, yesterday I received a threatening email from him stating that because I chose to ignore him, he was going to email those inital pics to my company and tell them what kind of a person I am. He sent me every pic from that inital session with my ex that he swore up and down he'd destroyed. When I mentioned that to him, he said that he was holding onto them for safekeeping in the event.. well, you know the rest. I do have both the skype chat saved in email as well as the threatening email itself from yesterday. He
    expects me online on skype this morning at 9am to comply and quite honestly, I don't know what to do. Please advise. I don't know who I can contact that can help. I am not proud of those pics, or giving in to do them. I don't want those pics exposed as I have family that I stand to lose if they are exposed, or at my workplace.
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    It reads like extortion to me.

    Call your local DA.

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