Weathering The Storm: The Economic Trends Are Pro-Incumbent White House!

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    Since the national unemployment data are based on findings from two weeks ago, and since most of the trends are positive: Then it is not unreasonable to find articles now appearing that the economy is favorable for Obama, Stupid(?)!

    October Surprise: Americans Feeling Better About Economy - CNBC

    Since the people are now on a spending binge--outpacing incomes--then even in Florida Bill Clinton can remind everone that the economy is working on their behalf, again!

    TARP had sent major mega-bucks to Wall Street, to bail out European Luxury Car Manufacturers(?). . .without so-stating. The Romney-Ryan tax cut for the upper incomes only--none for the 47% with no federal income tax liabiity--is Another TARP, of Tea Party disgust fame. More bayonets in the field is generally called, "Trickle Down!"

    All moods and feelings about the economy changed two or three weeks ago: Easily soon to appear at a polling booth result near millions!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many say new storm unlike other natural catasrophe events! Maybe more like discovery of gold, in Black Hills(?)!)

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