Wealthy Politicians are Getting Wealthier

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    America’s failed trade policies and broken campaign finance system are inextricably linked. That much is proven by the fact that the vast majority of Americans oppose these policies, yet members of both major parties are forging ahead with more disastrous trade pacts. The average American has come to realize that North American Free Trade Agreement style trade pacts do nothing more than lead to the loss of millions of jobs and enrich a few multinational corporations in the process.

    An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from last year found that 69 percent of Americans believe that free trade agreements have cost America jobs. Just 18 percent believe that those agreements have created jobs.

    The majority of Americans believe that free trade has hurt the nation overall. That’s up from just 46 percent in 2007 and 30 percent in 1999. But in this case, those opinions don’t matter, because it is the moneyed interests that make the political world go ‘round.’

    Gordon Lafer, a political science professor at Oregon University wrote in The Hill, “The minority that supports the NAFTA model, however, includes the country’s most powerful corporate lobbies.

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