We were once allies!

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    We were once Allies’ and supported Osama bin laden and Saddam Hussein, both to overthrow governments we did not approve of. We gave each man power and weapons. Saddam Hussein to overthrow the government he later ruled, and Osama Bin Laden so we could take down the soviets forces invading Afghanistan.
    The British also had a part in America’s oil expedition. America and the United Kingdom also tried this in Iran but their people overthrew the man we placed there in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, both countries angering the people of Iran so we could control their oil.
    America later executes these two men, Saddam because he became a threat on our control on oil in Saudi Arabia after he invades Kuwait with the weapons we gave him, and Osama for telling us it’s time to leave their holy land alone, and to stop desecrating it.
    I’m not saying these leaders where correct in the way they did things, but I’m saying our involvement has made the world hate us for not letting the other kids play in the sandbox fairly and sharing. Our involvement started the problems and the war on them. And now it’s time for us to end our involvement we need to help countries not bully them and steal their lunches and shove them out of the sandbox. If you have not please watch the Video on youtube called "Urgent message from our troops". And see what America is doing to its nation and others!

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