'We really are their last resort':

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    A look behind the scenes at the White House VA hotline

    Here in a small West Virginia town, 74 miles from the White House, a Donald Trump campaign promise is being fulfilled. He told the country's 20 million veterans that if they had an issue with the Department of Veterans Affairs, there would be a number they could call 24 hours a day to talk to a real person.

    I don’t quite know how to react after reading this article and the one linked to. It’s supposed to be the White House VA Hotline but it seems to be quite distant, behind another layer of bureaucracy. Over 100,000 calls since June 2017. Here’s the claim of what it does:

    A VA spokesman said 21 full-time employees are responsible for the hotline's cases. Since Oct. 15, when the hotline became 24 hours a day, 89 percent of the cases marked for further action have been resolved, the spokesman said.

    If that’s the truth, it would appear to be worth the millions spent to keep it going. I just wonder if the unresolved cases actually go to the president.

    Much more @ 'We really are their last resort': A look behind the scenes at the White House VA hotline

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