We Need to Begin Outsourcing of Journalism

Discussion in 'Media' started by pal_of_poor, Aug 31, 2009.

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    I was watching the McLaughlin Report the other night, and was shocked, from several sides I might add, by the fact that both Clarence Page, and Elenor Clift were still anti-protectionism. Add to that, Pat Buchanon was adopting my stance, and (sigh) that of Ross Perot's, that we need to start doing something to keep jobs in the U.S., instead of wildly allowing, or encouraging them to slip away. I mean...who are they really working for, us, or foreigners, or the super rich. Don't answer that. I know who they are working for.

    But that got me thinking. Perhaps in this electronic world, where messages travel the globe at the speed of light, and so many speaking English, we should just start outsourcing our journalism too. There is no reason for them to be excluded from the policies they espouse, right? Let them too, experience what it is like to have your job sent to people who can do it for a tenth of the money. Let them feel the sting of the bargain basement salaries of the few jobs in journalism left, and hundreds of thousands of unemployed writers. Yea, as they said, you can't put that protectionist Genie back in the bottle. So, let them feel the burn, of the destruction of America's once great economy. It's no big deal, right?

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