We don't need anymore Friends..we just need to live.

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    People are limited in time of their day trying to stay alive. But these social forums gobble up so much time, then we find out our data is just being used by big business to bring us more "friends" to sell us something.

    So many platforms, never ending.

    No one has 600 or 10000 friends, but through those contacts, big business will try and suck the rest of your life and time out of you. It is never ending and will get much worse.

    We have friends, the people around us, the people in our town where we can speak to them, our friends kind of end at a county level.

    But if you believe the world, everyone is your friend over the WHOLE EARTH.

    No one has time for that, we are vapor and limited time.

    Keep your friends local, people you can talk to, people you can meet, people who can help you and not just "IGNORE"

    Sad thing we are seeing today, to much to fast!!!, and society is breaking down for the Corporations who only see the bottom line. MORE MORE MORE...doesn't work for human beings.

    LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH works for human beings, Never though I would say that, I just stepped in something with that comment, but...that is what we face as men and women trying to live in time...against models of horror.

    BLAH BLAH BLAH... who will listen, who will understand?

    Jesus Christ, Loves you! But don't follow the religions of men who use Him for self.

    Remember you live in the world.
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