We can't afford the to extend the Tax cuts to the top 2%

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Charles_Main, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Democrats and Obama have all of the sudden seen the light and claim we must pay for extending Tax cuts to the rich. Funny thing is in the last 6 Months they have spent 200 Billion dollars, Not Paid for, Mostly on Unemployment insurance and Bail outs of State Budgets.

    The IRS says the top% tax cuts cost 40 Billion a year. So these people who are willing to toss Billions around like it is water, and not pay for any of it, Now say we must pay for 40 Billion worth of Tax cuts, or let them Expire. Even when members of their own party, and Economists are screaming that allowing them to expire would be disastrous in the current economy.

    More double talking BULL shit from Democrats. They keep pointing to how much the Tax cuts will cost, and saying 640 Billion, and leaving out that that is over 10 Years. the Estimate for next year is 40 Billion.

    The Dems claim if we raise those taxes we will see an increase in revenue. Not even that is assured. We could very well see a loss in revenue from the Negative effect raising those taxes will have on the Economic activity.

    Just more proof Democrats and Obama have no CLUE how to stimulate an economy. They claim that Unemployment Benefits, and Money to BAIL out failing state Medicare Budgets is better stimulus than Tax cuts for the people responsible for Creating Jobs in this country.

    Such utter incompetence.
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