We can’t afford illegal immigration

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    The cost is astronomically and growing. Our leaders want to give them more and more benefits. The benefits far outweigh the taxes that pay. The cost of gang realted crimes, gang units, graffiti clean up, legal, law enforcement and incarcerations. Educating their children, healthcare and dental care, food stamps, WIC and school lunches. Child care, special education and disabilities and special teacher to teach English, interpreters, signs and document in Spanish. And the list goes on and on. The cost falls on the American tax payers who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Illegal immigration is just wrong when we have law against it and idiots like the Obama administration who are fighting those state who want to enforce them with tax payer’s money. I thought they were paid to work for us and not use our money to fight for illegal aliens? Who want to give them a path to citizenship or amnesty which means they get a “get to stay” card. The get to continue to receive benefits at the expense of the American tax payers.
    They will not pay more taxes, they will pay less taxes because the will file a return and benefit from a tax break because of the number of dependents and the low wages they earn. They will pay very little taxes if any and be entitles to even more benefits.
    This only thing that make any sense is deportation by enforcing our laws against businesses hiring illegal workers and a temporary workers program. Like the Bracero program in the 50s.
    Illegal aliens prevent those immigrants who are waiting to enter legally because there are so many entering illegally. It makes the wait longer for those who want to enter legally. A path to citizenship or amnesty is not fair to those waiting by the law. Its send them the message that if you can get here under the radar and get pass border agents you are home free. And the border agents are putting their lives on the line 24-7 chasing illegal aliens all over the desert for what?
    A path to citizenship is a reward and $5,000 and going to the back of the line at the nearest Walmart is not a punishment when they get to stay and some of them pay as much as $10,000 to smugglers to get here.
    Now that the economy has gone bad,illegal aliens are depending on their anchor babies to survive. Welfare checks, food stamps, etc.

    "Illegal is anything that is against the law including drug trafficking, smuggling, terrorism or crossing the border into a country. Undocumented is anything that can no longer be verified including unemployed American workers who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits and are no longer counted in statistics. What a sorry nation we are becoming when we allow corporate political correctness to pervade our daily speech.
    “Illegal means illegal."
    -- Peter Romanenko, Waco, Texas
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