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    I am hoping someone can give me some advice concerning the drinking water in our new apt. I just finished the move from hell, from St Louis Mo. to the outskirts of Chicago. It was very hard trying to find a suitable residence excepting of our 2 dogs and my music. I like to bang around on my drum set, and didn't want to disturb anyone. Any way, we found a place but needed work including a hot water heater, and some pluming issues. We arrived to find nothing was repaired as promised and had to do without hot water for aweek, a stopped up bathroom sink, broken kitchen faucet. I could go on about how we were lied to and ripped off but my main concern is the drinking water. It smells horrible like rotten eggs, and the bathtub has a huge rust spot I'm assuming there is a lot of iron in the water. My wife just spent 2 days in the hospital from internal bleeding caused by an ulcer that flared up, and we think it was from ingesting this water before we grew suspicious of it. So I was hoping if there are any home owners out there that have a well, or has had this type of problem with their water, what remedy I can pursue to clean the water until we move yet again. We have been traveling to my daughters house and loading 2- 5 gallon water containers and milk jugs etc. This is total crap, we were told the place had hard water and the owner said he was going to put in a treatment system among the repairs that he promised to fix. I'm calling the health dept, and see about getting it tested to see if it is within safe limits of toxins etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

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